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【Hong Kong Chamber Flutes】

| In the Bleak Midwinter | Gustav Holst | Virtual Flute Choir Invitation |


蕭瑟的冬至 In the Bleak Midwinter

作曲:古斯塔夫.霍爾斯特|written by Gustav Holst

編曲:安.金馬倫.比雅詩|arranged by Ann Cameron Pearce


第一步STEP 1

選擇其中一條連結下載樂譜 Pick one of the two links to download the sheet music


樂譜下載 Sheet music download (Dropbox)

或 OR

樂譜下載 Sheet music download (Google Drive)




演奏時跟隨的 YouTube 影片 Play-along YouTube Video












其他額外可以下載的版本 Other files you can download 

下載演奏時跟隨的影片檔 Download the Play-along Video File (213MB)

下載演奏示範的聲音檔 Download the Demo audio file (mp3)

下載演奏示範連拍子機的聲音檔 Download the Demo with the metronome audio file (mp3)



第二步Step 2

Choose a part OR MORE :)



第三步Step 3

Practice with the play-along video or audio, whichever one you preferred



第四步Step 4

Use a pair of headphones/earphones during the recording. Use the recording device’s built-in microphone or an external microphone. DO NOT USE the microphone on your headphones/earphones.


第五步Step 5

Record your performance video with the play-along video or audio


第六步Step 6

After you’ve recorded your video, use the Google Form below to fill out some information and submit your video. 完成錄影後,可於以下的 Google Form 填上資料及上載影片便可以。

按此上載影片 Click Here to Upload the Video
截止日期:2022年 12月 17日 23:59
DEADLINE: December 17, 2022, 23:59 Google Form for submission




If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at 如有任何問題歡迎提問

See you all! 

Hong Kong Chamber Flutes FB/IG: hkchamberflutes


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