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Song for Health
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Four Seasons
West Side Story
John Rutter

Steven VERHELST - Song for Health

Steven Verhelst is a Belgian composer and arranger born in 1981. He is known for his diverse and innovative compositions, particularly in wind music. Verhelst has written works for a range of ensembles, including wind band, brass band, and chamber groups, and his music is characterized by its rhythmic energy and harmonic richness. He has won numerous international composition awards and commissions, and ensembles around the world have performed his music. In addition to his work as a composer, Verhelst is a sought-after clinician and guest conductor, sharing his expertise and passion for music with musicians of all levels.

"Due to the ban on large events to curb a further coronavirus outbreak, many of us musicians are left sitting at home bursting with creativity. Let’s use the power of music to support the efforts of our incredible healthcare and public service workers who are on the frontlines of the corona pandemic. It simultaneously will raise awareness of the importance of music for society." - Steven Verhelst

Steven VERHELST - 健康之歌

Steven Verhelst是一位比利時作曲家和編曲家,出生於1981年。他以其多樣性和創新性的作品而聞名,特別是在管樂音樂領域。Verhelst為一系列合奏團體創作了作品,包括管樂隊、銅樂隊和室內樂團體,其音樂以其節奏能量和和聲豐富而聞名。他贏得了眾多國際作曲獎項和委託,其音樂已由世界各地的合奏團體演奏。除了作曲家的工作外,Verhelst還是一位備受追捧的臨床醫師和客座指揮,與各級音樂家分享其專業知識和對音樂的熱情。

「由於禁止大型活動以遏制新冠病毒的進一步爆發,許多音樂家都被迫待在家中,創意無法釋放。讓我們利用音樂的力量來支持我們不可思議的醫療保健和公共服務工作者,他們是疫情的前線工作者。這同時也能提高社會對音樂重要性的認識。」- Steven Verhelst


Sigfrid KARG-ELERT - Praise The Lord with Flutes, Op.101

Sigfrid Karg-Elert was a German composer and organist who lived from 1877 to 1933. He is best known for his works for organ and harmonium, which often incorporate elements of impressionism, expressionism, and modernism. He composed over 200 works for these instruments, including his famous Chorale Improvisations for organ. Karg-Elert was also a prolific composer of other instruments, including piano, violin, and flute. His flute sonata, 30 Caprices for flute, and Sinfonische Kanzone are some of the important works in the flute repertoire. He was highly regarded by his contemporaries, including fellow composer Max Reger, and his music continues to be performed and recorded today.

This joyous statement of praise was originally titled Lobet Den Herrn Mit Pauken Und Zimbeln Schoen, or Praise The Lord With Drums and Cymbals. This was originally composed for pipe organ, and he included the notation "Alla Handel" to the score. The piece has many contrasting passages, both in articulation and dynamics. It is scored for 4 C flutes, alto flutes, and bass flutes. There is an optional piccolo section as well as a C flute version of the alto flute part.

Sigfrid KARG-ELERT - 以長笛讚美主,作品 101

Sigfrid Karg-Elert 是一位德國作曲家和風琴演奏家,生於1877年,卒於1933年。他以創作風琴和和聲風琴的作品聞名,這些作品通常融合了印象主義、表現主義和現代主義的元素。他為這些樂器創作了超過200首作品,其中包括他著名的風琴《聖詩詠唱改編曲》。Karg-Elert 也是其他樂器的多產作曲家,包括鋼琴、小提琴和長笛。他的長笛奏鳴曲,30首練習曲,和交響抒情詩都是長笛曲目中主要的作品。他受到同代作曲家馬克斯·雷格爾等人的高度評價,他的音樂至今仍在演出和錄製中。

這篇歡欣的讚美之詞原名為《擊鼓和鈸聲中讚美主》(Lobet Den Herrn Mit Pauken Und Zimbeln Schoen),原本是為管風琴而作,樂譜中還包含了"Alla Handel"的標註。這首樂曲有許多對比鮮明的樂段,包括演奏方式和音量的不同。樂譜的配器為4支C調長笛、中音長笛和低音長笛,還有可選擇性的短笛部分和C調長笛版本的中音長笛部分。


Antonio VIVALDI - The Four Seasons (in 5 Minutes)

Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer and violinist born in 1678 and died in 1741. He was a prolific composer of instrumental music, especially concertos for the violin, and is considered one of the most important composers of the Baroque period. Vivaldi's most famous work is The Four Seasons, a set of four violin concertos that depict the changing seasons of the year. His music is known for its virtuosic solo parts, driving rhythms, and colorful harmonies. Vivaldi's influence can be heard in the works of later composers such as Bach and Handel.

Vivaldi's Four Seasons is a set of four violin concertos that musically portray the sounds and sensations of each season. Known for its virtuosic solo violin parts and colorful orchestration, it remains one of the most beloved and frequently performed works in the classical repertoire. This arrangement was inspired by the "if you don't like it, just wait a few minutes and it'll change," weather of the arranger's native city, Chicago. She has taken Vivaldi's programmatic concertos The Four Seasons and mashed them into a climate-changing maelstrom that combines a year's worth of snow, heat, storms, and harvest jollity all into five minutes. 

Antonio VIVALDI - 五分鐘環遊四季

Antonio Vivaldi 是一位意大利作曲家和小提琴家,生於1678年,卒於1741年。他是一位多產的器樂作曲家,特別是小提琴協奏曲,被認為是巴洛克時期最重要的作曲家之一。Vivaldi 最著名的作品是《四季》,一組描繪一年四季的四首小提琴協奏曲。他的音樂以其技巧精湛的獨奏部分、強烈的節奏和豐富多彩的和聲而聞名。Vivaldi 的影響可以在後來的作曲家如 Bach 和 Handel 的作品中聽到。

《四季》是Vivaldi 的四首小提琴協奏曲,透過音樂描繪每個季節的聲音和感覺。以其技巧性的獨奏小提琴部分和豐富的管弦樂編曲而聞名,仍然是古典樂曲庫中最受喜愛和經常演奏的作品之一。這個編曲靈感來自編曲者的家鄉芝加哥的“如果你不喜歡這個季節,過幾分鐘就會改變”的天氣。她將Vivaldi 的描繪季節的協奏曲《四季》混合成一個氣候變化的漩渦,將一年的雪、熱、暴風雨和豐收的歡樂融合在五分鐘的時間裡。


Alexander BORODIN - Polovtsian Dances from 'Prince Igor'

Alexander Borodin was a Russian composer and chemist who lived from 1833 to 1887. He is best known for his works in the Romantic style, including his opera Prince Igor and the orchestral piece In the Steppes of Central Asia. As a chemist, he made important contributions to organic chemistry, including his discovery of the Aldol reaction. Borodin was also a member of the group of composers known as "The Five," who sought to create a distinctly Russian musical identity.

Borodin’s Polovstian Dances are three dances from the second act of his opera Prince Igor. The first dance, the Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens, is lively and energetic with a syncopated rhythm. The second dance, the Dance of the Polovtsian Warriors, is more solemn and builds in intensity with a powerful climax. The third dance, the Dance of the Polovtsian Chieftains, is grand and majestic with a triumphant fanfare at the end. The dances showcase Borodin's ability to create memorable melodies and capture the essence of different cultures. They have become a beloved classic of the orchestral repertoire and have been adapted and arranged for various ensembles and performances. The Polovstian Dances have been featured in films, TV shows, and commercials, and are often performed as a standalone piece.

Alexander BORODIN - 波羅維茨舞曲,選自《伊戈爾王子》

Alexander Bordin 是一位俄羅斯作曲家和化學家,生於1833年,卒於1887年。他以浪漫主義風格的作品聞名,包括他的歌劇《伊戈爾王子》和管弦樂作品《在中亞的草原上》。作為一名化學家,他在有機化學方面做出了重要貢獻,包括他發現的Aldol反應。博羅丁還是被稱為“五人組”的作曲家之一,他們致力於創造獨特的俄羅斯音樂風格。



Gabriel FAURÉ - Cantique de Jean Racine, Op.11

Gabriel Fauré was a French composer who lived from 1845 to 1924. He is best known for his works in the late Romantic and early 20th-century styles, including his Requiem, Pavane, and Nocturnes for piano. Fauré was highly regarded by his contemporaries, including Claude Debussy, and his music continues to be popular and frequently performed today. He was also a respected music teacher and served as director of the Paris Conservatory from 1905 to 1920. Fauré's works are characterized by their lyricism, elegance, and attention to harmonic detail.

Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine is a beautiful and emotional choral work based on a text by Jean Racine. Written when Fauré was just 19, the piece showcases his talent for expressive and sensitive music. Scored for SATB choir with piano or organ accompaniment, the work features fluid harmonies and a lyrical melody passed between voices, building to a powerful climax. A beloved piece in the choral repertoire, it continues to be performed and enjoyed by choirs and audiences worldwide.

Gabriel FAURÉ - Jean Racine 讚美詩,作品11

Gabriel Fauré 是一位法國作曲家,生於1845年,卒於1924年。他以晚浪漫主義和20世紀初風格的作品聞名,包括他的安魂曲、Pavane和鋼琴夜曲。Faure受到同代作曲家德彪西等人的高度評價,他的音樂至今仍受歡迎並經常演出。他也是一位受尊敬的音樂教師,曾在1905年至1920年擔任巴黎音樂學院院長。Faure 的作品以其抒情、優雅和對和聲細節的注意而聞名。

Fauré 的《Jean Racine 讚美詩》是一首美麗且情感豐富的合唱作品,基於Jean Racine 的詩歌。這首作品是 Fauré 在年僅 19 歲時創作的,展現了他對表現力和對詩歌細膩入微的音樂天賦。作品為 SATB 合唱團配以鋼琴或風琴伴奏,擁有流暢的和聲和抒情的旋律,聲部之間互相交替演奏,最後達到強烈的高潮。作品是合唱曲目中受人愛戴的作品,繼續被世界各地的合唱團和觀眾演出和欣賞。


Leonard BERNSTEIN - Suite from 'West Side Story'

Leonard Bernstein was an American composer, conductor, pianist, and educator born in 1918 and died in 1990. He was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, known for his versatility and innovation in both classical and popular music. Bernstein was the first American-born conductor to lead a major orchestra, the New York Philharmonic and his interpretations of the classical repertoire were renowned for their passion and energy. He composed works in a wide range of genres, including symphonies, operas, and musicals, such as West Side Story. Bernstein's legacy continues to inspire musicians and audiences around the world today.

The West Side Story Suite is an adaptation of Leonard Bernstein's iconic Broadway musical, West Side Story. The suite features some of the show's most famous and beloved songs, including "Maria," "Somewhere," and "America," arranged in a symphonic style for orchestra. Bernstein's music is characterized by its driving rhythms, lush harmonies, and intricate melodies, which brilliantly capture the drama and emotion of the story. The West Side Story Suite is a thrilling and powerful work that showcases Bernstein's mastery of both classical and popular music and remains a beloved staple of the orchestral repertoire.

Leonard BERNSTEIN - 《西城故事》組曲

Leonard Bernstein 是一位美國作曲家、指揮家、鋼琴家和教育家,生於1918年,卒於1990年。他是20世紀最有影響力的音樂家之一,以其在古典和流行音樂中的多才多藝和創新而聞名。伯恩斯坦是第一位領導一支重要管弦樂團(紐約愛樂樂團)的美國出生的指揮家,他對古典音樂的演繹以其激情和能量而聞名。他創作了廣泛的音樂作品,包括交響曲、歌劇和音樂劇,如《西城故事》。伯恩斯坦的遺產繼續啓發著全球的音樂家和聽眾。

《西城故事》組曲是 Leonard Bernstein 標誌性的百老匯音樂劇《西城故事》的音樂改編版。這個組曲包括一些音樂劇中最著名和深受喜愛的歌曲,如《Maria》、《Somewhere》和《America》,並以交響樂隊的形式呈現。伯恩斯坦的音樂以其強烈的節奏、華麗的和聲和複雜的旋律為特點,巧妙地捕捉了故事中的戲劇和情感。《西城故事》交響組曲是一部令人激動和強大的作品,展示了伯恩斯坦對古典音樂和流行音樂的精通,是管弦樂曲目中備受喜愛的經典之一。


John RUTTER - The Music's Always There With You

John Rutter is a British composer, conductor, and arranger born in 1945. He is best known for his choral compositions, including his Christmas carols such as "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" and "Shepherd's Pipe Carol". Rutter's works are characterized by their melodic and harmonic beauty, accessible to audiences of all backgrounds. He has also been a conductor of several choirs, including the Cambridge Singers which he founded in 1981. Rutter has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to choral music, and his works continue to be widely performed and recorded today. 

John Rutter's "Music's Always There with You" is a beautiful and uplifting choral work, written for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The piece features a simple, memorable melody and lyrics that celebrate the power of music to bring people together and lift their spirits. The work is scored for SATB choir with piano and optional percussion, and the harmonies are lush and colorful, creating a sense of warmth and joy. "Music's Always There with You" is a testament to Rutter's skill as a composer and his ability to create music that speaks to the heart, inspiring and uplifting all who hear it.

John RUTTER - 音樂與你常在

John Rutter 是一位英國作曲家、指揮和編曲家,出生於1945年。他以合唱作品聞名,包括他的聖誕頌歌,如《榮耀歸於至高神》和《牧羊人之笛頌歌》。Rutter的作品以其旋律和和聲之美為特色,適合各種背景的觀眾欣賞。他也曾擔任多個合唱團的指揮,包括他在1981年創辦的劍橋歌唱家。Rutter因其對合唱音樂的貢獻而獲得了眾多的獎項和榮譽,他的作品至今仍被廣泛演出和錄製。

John Rutter 的《音樂與你常在》是一首美麗而令人振奮的合唱作品,為慶祝伊麗莎白二世女王2012年的鑽石慶典而創作。該作品具有簡單、易記的旋律和歌詞,歌頌音樂將人們聚集在一起,提振精神的力量。作品為SATB合唱團配以鋼琴和可選的打擊樂器,和聲豐富多彩,營造出溫暖和歡樂的氛圍。《音樂與你同在》是拉特作為作曲家的技巧和創造能力的證明,他能夠創作能打動人心、激勵和振奮所有聽眾心靈的音樂。


Lyrics 歌詞

Every morning will soon turn into evening
And springtime will soon turn into fall;
Every memory must fade like a passing parade,
And youth become a time you just recall.
But the good times together seems so magical.
Like music that lasts your whole life through;
When it's ended it never really dies away
'cos the music's always there with you.

Every new day could be a time of harmony
If people could only be in tune;
All the visions you could share, magic castles in the air
Seems to fade away and vanish all too soon;
But the magic you share when you make music
Won't leave you when the time has come to part;
And it feels like you never have to say goodbye,
'cos the music's always there in your heart.

But the magic you share when you make music

Won't leave you when the time has come to part;

And it feels like you never have to say goodbye,

'cos the music's always there

'cos the music's always there

the music's always there in your heart.


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